What is Our Home Our Planet?

Our Home Our Planet (OHOP) is the next step in Reckitt Benckiser’s Carbon 20 program which aims to reduce the Total Carbon Footprint from cradle to grave of all Reckitt Benckiser’s products by 20 percent by 2020.

It is an educational campaign for consumers that is designed to give simple and practical advice about small steps to cut energy, water use and save money whilst using our products – steps that collectively will make a real and positive impact on the environment. Amongst other communication channels, water / energy saving and recycling tips are profiled on the packaging of products such as Vanish NapiSan, Finish, Harpic, Pine-O-Cleen, Easy Off Bam and Airwick to provide practical, easy to follow advice that enables Australians to use the products in a smarter way, but without sacrificing performance. OHOP is not a ‘quick fix’ – it is the first step in a committed, long term initiative, spearheaded by Reckitt Benckiser (RB), to help consumers change their product usage and disposal habits. RB is committed to improving our products environmentally at every stage of the product cycle as well as working with stakeholders and consumers to bring about positive climate change.

Here in Australia, RB is working collaboratively with leading experts in the environment space to ensure OHOP is relevant and effective in the local market. Click here to find out more about our Carbon 20 initiative

However we can’t do it alone – we need you to do your bit too!

Since up to 70% of the total carbon footprint lies in the way our consumers use & dispose of our products, Our Home Our Planet encourages you to reduce your carbon footprint by just making small changes in the way you use these products. What’s more, we’ve ensured that you won’t compromise on results. Click on any of the tips or brands to find out how you could save smarter at home. If you have any further suggestions on how to use our products in an environmentally smarter way, please send us an email at ourhomeourplanet@reckittbenckiser.com