Reckitt Benckiser "doing our bit"


Our Environmental Commitment

We have a real commitment to running our business in a responsible, environmentally sound and sustainable manner. We recognise that our processes and products have both direct and indirect environmental impacts and seek to achieve continuous improvement in our environmental performance.

We are committed to using energy and natural resources wisely, eliminating and minimising waste where practical, and re-using and recycling where it is sensible to do so.

We increasingly take a life cycle management approach to improving our sustainability performance. Our programmes look beyond the manufacturing activities under our direct control to the impacts of our supply chain and consumers use and disposal of our products and their packaging.

Some of our progress between 2000 and 2008 per unit of production:

  • Energy use: 37% reduction
  • Water use: 20% reduction
  • Air emissions: 35% reduction

Our Ingredient Removal Programs

We continue to progress a range of Ingredient Removal Programs, above and beyond regulatory requirements. Our objective is to continually improve the environmental and safety profile of our products, by systematically removing specific ingredients from product formulas and packaging/device component specifications, where “better” alternatives exist.