Our Home Our Planet Promise

You can make a difference! Please fill in your details below, select any or all of the household tips you promise to do and make a positive difference to your home and the environment.

For every person who makes the Our Home Our Planet promise, $1 will be given on their behalf to donate water back for community initiatives in the Murray Darling River Basin area.

OHOP - I Promise...
  Promise 1: I will not pre-rinse my dishes before I put them into the dishwashermore >
  Promise 2: I will use the short cycle on my washing machinemore >
  Promise 3: I will not pre-flush my toilet before cleaningmore >
  Promise 4: I will mix a proven liquid disinfectant with cold instead of hot watermore >
  Promise 5: I will use a single concentrated multipurpose cleanermore >
  Promise 6: I will turn off unused appliances at the power pointmore >
  Promise 7: I will only run a fully loaded dishwasher
  Promise 8: I will dry more clothes on the line instead of the dryer
  Promise 9: I will have shorter showers