OHOP - The Murray Darling Project

The Murray Darling Association (MDA) was formed in 1944 to serve the rural communities in the Basin and their desire to seek out ways of combining sustainable development and conservation.

The Association is a non-government organisation that transcends state boundaries and represents the views, aspiration and concerns of a large number of people living in the Murray-Darling Basin.  MDA undertakes many projects to help create awareness of the preciousness of water and improve the state of the Murray Darling Basin, reduce urban usage of water and educate people about the Rivers and their surrounding environs.

Our Home Our Planet’s $50,000 donation will be used to buy back water for community projects in the Murray Darling River Basin area.  The water purchased will be added to MDA’s existing water bank which will be used for local community initiatives.

To find out more about the Murray Darling Association click here.